The goodness in people

6 Apr

Pick up a newspaper.. ok, read the news online, listen to the radio, watch the television: Do any of these things and you’re almost guaranteed to hear of a crime someone has committed; an unjustness; an evil. With all this going on, one’s faith in the goodness of humanity can be tested. And yet…  Continue reading

It’s been a long time coming…

4 Apr

My poor abandoned blog. Lonely and unloved. What will become of you?

Well, in truth I’m not sure. I’m currently working on a new Squarespace website which will better serve my needs. I think.

That’s a project for May though as April is HUGELY busy, signalling as it does the end of the football season. And with three games in under a week to prepare for plus my other commitments. Well, let’s just say I’m busy.

Too busy really to be adding stuff here really. But once a blog gets so horribly out of date it becomes harder and harder to come back to it. So although this is a very short post. At least there is a post. Short and sweet. Not a bit like me!


Cup Fever

16 Feb

MILLWALL_I21_FRONT3 hours 35 minutes until kick-off.

If Luton Town win today then their Press Officer is going to have to start claiming newspaper purchases on expenses. In fact, he’s probably already spent a sizeable amount this morning, having made a supermarket-style dash round his local newsagent. A win today could set him back the equivalent of a decent take-out and a well-chilled bottle of something fizzy and suitably celebratory.

In case you’ve missed it, or have absolutely zero interest in football (in which case I’d skip a few paras), today the Hatters play Millwall in the Fifth Round of the FA Cup having overturned Norwich City at Carrow Road a few weeks back.

I should also say at this point, if you’re reading and hoping for some inside information on team selection or whether Paul Buckle will choose a flat-back four or a 5-2-3 formation you’re in the wrong place, predominantly because I’m not entirely clear what a flat-back four is. It’s quite possibly something a chiropractor could help with.

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Boobs, bravery and brilliance.

4 Feb

This is a wee piece about boobs, but if it’s a thrill-fest you’re after, you’re in for crashing disappointment. It’s also, mostly, about someone else’s boobs.

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Sexist? Gender stereo-typing? Load of nonsense.

30 Jan

On Twitter this morning, there was plenty of coverage concerning the ASA’s verdict on the ASDA Christmas 2012 ad “Behind every great Christmas is a great mum”.

The ASA were bombarded with hundreds of claims stating the ad was sexist and furthermore flamed the rampant gender stereo-typing prevalent across the media.

But did it? Really?

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The football thing…

30 Jan

The football thing is getting worse. Quietly ignoring the 3-0 defeat to Grimsby this evening in the FA Trophy, we thoroughly ruffled feathers at Carrow Road on Saturday beating Norwich to go through to the fifth round of the FA Cup.

Frankly you’d have had to be blind or deaf not to see the coverage in the media.

That my husband, mother and sister texted, called and Facebooked me following the result is the surprising bit.

Many, many games in the coming weeks. Fully expect to be called up to reserve team in manner of Territorial Army.

A view from the sidelines

4 Jan


It’s a hashtag that 15 months ago didn’t mean much more than something I would add on to the end of a tweet to @LTFC_Official. It was just something I did, just to be nice y’know? Naturally I wanted to do a good job and keep the client happy but as for the Hatters, their fortunes and misfortunes? I’d by lying if I said that I cared.

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